Soft Enamel Pins


With respect to our soft enamel pins, if possible, Pinyes opt for high-grade and certified sustainable paint. We create the shades according to our clients’ demand of pantone color, and subsequently introduce adequate amount of lacquer to facilitate the hardiness and shine of the varnish.


In the course of the manufacturing process, Pinyes enamel pins manufacturer would choose to either manually or mechanically introduce color, depending on the demand of the order. The article would be placed in an oven for the drying process at 170 Celsius for 45 minutes. The time of coloring depends on whether there is glitter on the desired space of coloring. Accordingly, it also affects the manufacturing time.


In comparison to hard enamel pins, soft enamel pins are more cost-effective, and it is also the quintessential model for custom enamel pins.