Custom Patches

The maximum size of custom patches is 27cm x 24cm. Most custom patches utilize 65% polyester + 35% Noloy twill as its base. In addition, other selections include woolen, satin, flannel, and the like. As for the selection of back side of custom patches, there are heat melting adhesive, double sided stickers, gasket paper. The edge could also be bordered (merrowed edge) or processed with laser cut edge. Occasionally, Pinyes could make adequate recommendation for our clients.

What is the best method for manufacturing first-rate patches?

According to years of experience, the quality of patches depends on patterners. In that, we have been collaborating with senior patterners for the pattern of our commodities. Outstanding colors and stable products are both the rudimentary standard of Pinyes. We hope to earn your trust on account of the fact that we value every order.