Leather Keychains

The glow of Leather keychain

Custom leather keychain is the combination of leather and metal. It possesses an unique warm touch and conveys exclusive elegance. In this light, it is never absent within selections of fine articles. The design of custom leather keychain has always been astounding, in that its leather is adorned by metal or other simple seared logo. Also, laser engraved, hot foil die-stamping, and thermoprinting are used to adorn these custom keychains.


These keychains are commonly used as military, law-enforcement, and vehicle symbol. Indebted to its weightlessness, it is highly portable and, at the same time, provides a sense of professionalism.

Meet your demand

Pinyes’ metal keychain manufacturer could efficiently accommodate the clients’ desired method and thereby yielding clients’ aspired custom keychain. We hope to let our clients satisfy the need of their customers. Assisting our clients procure more orders is of utmost importance for us.