Imitation Hard Enamel Pins

Hard enamel has a unique charm and difficulty in manufacturing. Its coloring materials are pigments. The baking process of enamel lacks a particular melting point, in that its baking temperature is normally between 750℃~850℃. During the process of stamping, a crevice is made for subsequent coloring, and the depth of the metal thread and the bottom is roughly 0.3mm-0.4mm. The manufacturing process of hard enamel pins is rather taxing; manual coloring must be implemented, and each color must be smoldered by open fire. After all the colors are produced, the threads will be polished all at once. The temperature, length of time, as well as the thickness of pigments will affect the color after the smoldering process. In addition, different colors demand different length of smoldering time. For example, warm series of colors like red requires higher temperature. The quality of the color depends on the experience of the artisan. However, due to the excessively hot environment during summer, this skill of craftsmanship is rather difficult to pass on. Thus, contemporary market often adopts imitation hard enamel as the prominent product. We suggest substituting hard enamel with imitation hard enamel. It can be manufactured more swiftly and provides more competitive pricing. For more details regarding imitation hard enamel pins, please see imitation hard enamel challenge coins.