Die Casting Pins

35 Years of Service Commemorative Lapel Pin with Stars and Rhinestones

Honor dedication with the '35 Years of Service Lapel Pin,' adorned with gold plating, soft enamel, stars, and rhinestones, ideal for recognizing employee milestones.


Celebrate milestones with elegance and recognition. Our "35 Years of Service Commemorative Lapel Pin" is not just a pin; it's a tribute to dedication and achievement. Crafted with precision, it features a gold-plated, die-cast Zinc Alloy base, adorned with vibrant soft enamel and glittering rhinestones that catch the light beautifully.

At the heart of its design is an elegant circular base, inscribed with "Years of Service" and surrounded by stars, highlighting the grandeur of 35 years of unwavering commitment. The inclusion of rhinestones adds a touch of sophistication, making this pin a perfect emblem for honoring long-term employees or members of your organization.

Ideal for B2B clients looking to commemorate service milestones with a tangible symbol of appreciation, our manufacturing process guarantees the highest quality, ensuring each pin is a testament to your esteem and gratitude. Contact us to explore how we can craft custom lapel pins that perfectly represent your organization's values and milestones.