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2009 Disney-Inspired Mardi Gras Dance Pendant

Our 2009 Disney-Inspired Mardi Gras Dance Pendant is a perfect B2B item for memorabilia and Disney-themed collections, offering a touch of enchantment and romance.


Introduce the magic of fairy tales into your B2B offerings with our '2009 Disney-Inspired Mardi Gras Dance Pendant'. This enchanting pendant, featuring a beautifully crafted prince and princess dancing before a green curtain, embodies the romance of Disney stories and the exuberance of Mardi Gras. Crafted from stamped brass with soft enamel and epoxy coloring, and finished in gold, this pendant is perfect for businesses specializing in collectibles, event memorabilia, or themed merchandise. Each piece commemorates the year 2009 and celebrates the 'Krewe of Mardi Gras', making it an ideal keepsake. Contact us for bespoke bulk orders and bring this timeless love story to your clientele.